How To Make Better Videos

1: Modcloth presents: NYC street style

ModCloth, a clothes retailer based in New York City has over 11,000 subscribers to their YouTube channel. This is a great video because they just go out to the streets of New York and interview people who seemed to be within their target market.

The video is short, the questions direct and funny and the overall impression is that the shop would be a fun place to visit.

Interviews can create engaging content and the great thing is that your customers do the work –  a model many businesses could get inspiration from!

Video 2: Seriously strong cheddar

Seriously Strong Cheddar is based not far from my home in the West of Scotland and I am very familiar with their excellent cheese ?

I love this video because it shows what can be done when the people behind the company just talk to camera. It is a great way to show a family business that is obviously proud of what they do.

Video 3: Brewdog

Not only do the guys at Brewdog understand how to make awesome beer, they also know a lot about online promotion and how to engage with their audience.

Browsing their YouTube channel is an education on what can be done with video. I love the ‘Dog’s Life’ videos that feature individual team members talking about their jobs and themselves. It shows a company that is all about people.

The ‘Live Beer’ videos are great examples of what the founders of the company can do when they plonk themselves in front of the camera. This is great stuff in more ways than one!

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