How to Use Twitter to Promote Your Blog

How to Use Twitter to Promote Your BlogSocial media is expanding beyond any Internet marketer’s imagination in promoting online businesses and drawing web traffic readily. Twitter is another emerging online tool that can be manipulated to promote a blog.

Article Writing

Blogs were originally designed to be personal websites that display many personal articles dear to the blogger’s heart. However, with the onslaught of modern technologies and desperate Internet marketers in the market, blogs are now manipulated to draw web traffic to the business website.

Interesting articles that are related to the business, but in a soft-selling approach are posted in blogs regularly to attract potential leads to boost the online business. Quality blog articles are in high demand today if blogs are to be instrumental in attracting web traffic to the Internet business.

Such articles must be well written to contain fresh contents that are useful to web readers. Many effective blog articles do not contain any sales pitch, but useful advice that would benefit web readers in enhancing their life, lifestyle and character. However, the contents may be led back to the Internet marketer’s range of business products or services which are listed on the web business site. Hence, traffic is directed to the marketer’s business website to be converted to sales and profit.

High Market Exposure

There are many ways to generate a high market exposure of the online business through killer articles. This is a primary objective where quality articles focus on the target audience. Killer articles must be easy to read with no grammatical errors or typo mistakes that could spawn the wrath of meticulous readers.

Readers enjoy useful tips and helps in articles that would resolve their current issues or enhance their knowledge. Such articles can be put on a cyber debate or online forum where greater depth is indulged in for the best of solution.

Top quality articles naturally secure top page rankings with top search engines. It is a mark of distinction as the author cum marketer is known as a professional writer and expert in that particular forte.

Hence, it is crucial to ensure the best of keywords for the killer articles to be submitted to reputable listings and directories. A poorly worded title with great contents would miss the boat of success. Marketers need to engage the best of keyword search tools for the more popular keywords that would cause the article to keep popping up in front of the web readers when a search is executed.

Good articles that are worthy of a read must be proactively promoted on the Internet. Besides, social media sites such as Twitter can do great justice in promoting the articles. Backlinks can also be employed to link back the article to the web business site for higher traffic.

It is crucial for Internet marketers to be visible and credible in their blogs, online chats or forums related to their niche and marketing focus.

Twitter Role

All walks of life in from teens to the elderly are jumping onto Twitter to expand their online social life. They are joining the millions of celebrities, employees, Internet marketers and companies in manipulating Twitter to promote their point of interest; it could be their public image if they are celebrities or sales and profits for Internet marketers and corporations.

Twitter is enjoying higher user membership today since its market presence. Hence, there is great potential in securing more market exposure as well as web traffic to the web business site. Prospective leads can be generated via Twitter from its vast number of members and users today.

Twitter is rising up as the ultimate social networking site ready to surpass . This online community offers constant open communication channels for online interactions from even the most unlikely party to be a business prospect. Twitter does what Facebook and Myspace do; and more in terms of online communication with a strong marketing focus to benefit Internet marketers and online business owners.

Getting Started on Twitter

As more and more blogs crowd the Internet, it is difficult to attract the right traffic to the marketer’s business website unless a different strategy is adopted. This calls for the use of Twitter in promoting the blog to draw traffic to the web business site.

Setting up a Twitter account is simple and fast; complete with a profile and preferences that identifies the owner. A new cyberspace community is easily established once the Twitter user is operational with a personal Twitter handle which can be any name.

Well written articles can be fed through established article directories such as The proper setting up of an account in allows the user to create another personal profile on its platform for a wider outreach. Various URLs can be included to various areas such as Twitter to get the ball rolling. automatically updates the user’s status on their Twitter accounts when their articles are approved for posting. Using Twitter in this way via Ezine articles, make the marketing task relatively simple as “two birds are killed with one stone.”

The blogger or Internet marketer must start following other Twitter users to gain a market presence in that cyber community. Soon enough, there would be others following the blogger if quality articles are posted regularly to impress the crowd. The large Twitter crowd makes it easy to follow those who fit the Internet marketer’s potential leads description without wasting further time and effort for establishing strong relations before promoting the business directly.

Time must be allotted for tweeting every day to stay in the loop of the Twitter community. A lighter side of tweets is highly encouraged to draw more followers on Twitter. Links to the blog articles or web business page can be included at the right tweet moments. Unique and interesting tweets would draw more tweets to strengthen the relationships before sales pitches are accepted.

Fun updates would win more tweets with more enquiries that could open doors of business opportunities for the Internet marketer. It is an excellent business approach to manipulate Twitter in promoting the business via quality blogs.

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