Income Multiplier Plug In Each of These Four Breakthrough

There are four very simple tweaks that you need to make in the way you present your products and webinars if you haven’t applied these already…

Look, let’s think for a second about the “top 10 percent” of your subscriber list. They’re going to buy everything you put out. It doesn’t matter if you do a bad job of explaining it, or you don’t promote it very often, even the price point doesn’t matter THAT MUCH — they’re buying, mostly because they have the budget, they’re the perfect fit for your products… and SOMEWHAT because of you and your personality. They trust you.

Then there’s the “bottom 10 percent” of your list. I hate to use such derogatory terms but let’s just say this is the crowd that either can’t afford your product, doesn’t want your product. They’re never going to buy no matter what you do. Once again, I hope that doesn’t offend anyone but there is a minority of people on your list who will NEVER buy anything from you in a million years.

That’s fine. But the bulk of our subscribers are that middle 80 percent, the ones who buy sometimes but not always, THEY are the reason you run things like webinars.

Or add time based scarcity to “push them over the edge”, mail a few more times, test and tweak headlines on your sales letter.

Heck, do you know why webinars are so important to the business that Lance and I run? Because most people don’t click on an email under the 2nd or 3rd one… and if it’s a sales letter or a training video, they might read half or watch half, and ALMOST buy… but not quite.

Why doesn’t that middle 80% want to buy from you?

It’s not about the price. Most people can scrape together a few hundred or a few thousand bucks if something’s that important. People have credit cards.

After careful observation of the people on our webinars and on my list… the reason people don’t buy is because… wait for it… they’re afraid of change AND on some deep level, they know they won’t take action on what they buy.

Here’s what you can do about that:

Multiplier 1: Add Something to Your Offer to Make It “Too Good to Pass Up”

Most marketers are lazy and can’t think of anything other than reduce the price or add a deadline. Or even worse, a “crazy guarantee” (that’s all been done to death and is nothing special)…

What if you partnered with some other business in your niche and arranged things so that if someone buys your product, they get someone else’s product for free? Or you hired a programmer to whip up some kind of software or must-have tool to make it easier for someone to apply your training?

You could throw in a done-for-you or 1-on-1 call as a bonus, and if you get too bogged down with fulfilling it, remove it in the future.

Multiplier 2: Align and Sympathize with Their Problem

We’re dealing with a tricky situation here. The problems that most people have… whether we’re talking about lack of money, too much weight, general unhappiness, is the result of some underlying psychological issue.

Even worse: you can’t explain to this 80% what their problem is, why they have this problem or how to solve it. They don’t want to hear it! Either they agree with you, and they have to admit they’ve been doing things the wrong way, and now they’re a victim OR you’re insulting them.

More likely: they’ll aggressively DENY they have this underlying psychological problem, they might not even want to admit it to themselves, and now you’re really losing credibility.

If there’s one common thread I’ve seen when it comes to copywriting, pitching, psychology, or even mindset and self-help it’s this… if you’ve got a selling argument to make, you’ll lose people if you flat out tell them they’re wrong or that things need to change.

How about this… what if you turned it around on yourself and instead of telling people why THEY are dieting wrong or making money online in the wrong way… you shared the mistakes YOU made when trying to get a handle on your mindset, when you were trying to lose weight, when you personally were trying to make money online?

Be careful though… if all you do is tell me how much you suck, why am I going to listen to you? That’s why you tell a “before-and-after” story. I was just like you and I had this, this, and this problem. I did that, that, and that didn’t work. Can you relate? That’s when I discovered… this big breakthrough. And do what I say here to get my same results.

Multiplier 3: Actually Market Consistently (Most Marketers Don’t)

Speaking of big breakthroughs… the most obvious way to make more money online is the thing most marketers either don’t think to do, or they’re aware of it and they are simply too afraid to do it.

Send some more emails to your subscribers. Mail to the same sales letter, webinar replay, webinar registration every day for a week. It works!

Even if you came out with a product months ago or last year, and it’s still online, isn’t it true that you still have access to people that want it, but haven’t bought? That middle 80 percent!

Multiplier 4: Break-In New Material to See What REALLY Triggers Them to Buy

A few things happen when you market consistently. One is that you’ll get bored of your presentations and feel the need to “mix things up.”

A few examples. After presenting Backup Creator a few times, I realized that what really lit our audience up on a webinar wasn’t showing us backing a site up, blowing the site away and restoring… but cloning a site for an offline business. So why run a really involved pitch webinar with all these case studies when I can center it around explaining Backup Creator and then using it in this scenario?

Have you heard of Paper Template, our WordPress plugin that allows you to run WordPress as a sales letter? I “could have” tried to compare myself to other WordPress themes, I could have shown how to make an optin page and a sales letter…

But what really seemed to perk people up was creating a FUNNEL. Here’s an optin bribe, here’s a point and click sales letter, here’s a download page, all working together.

It’s like being a comedian who has lots of “jokes” and tests them out on the road to see what works well and what doesn’t.

At the end of the day, we all really need to sharpen our axes and see if we can make more sales by testing out that new material and seeing what they really want… for example…

  • They don’t care about how hard you worked or how much stuff you have inside your membership site
  • They don’t want to learn, read, or watch… but they do want to “discover” or get this result instantly delivered to them
  • They don’t REALLY want to make all that money or lose all that weight so much as they want to be able to show their spouse or they brother in law how wrong they were to doubt them!

You need to keep these four breakthroughs in mind if you want to make more money this week and this month:

Multiplier 1: Add Something to Your Offer to Make It “Too Good to Pass Up”

Multiplier : Align and Sympathize with Their Problem

Multiplier : Actually Market Consistently (Most Marketers Don’t)

Multiplier : Break-In New Material to See What REALLY Triggers Them to Buy

Which was your favorite? Are you using some or all four of these multiplier? Which do you need to do more? Please leave a quick comment below telling me.

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