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Marketing Viral VideosTracking is one of the essential strategies that you need to implement into your online business if you are planning to go for the long term and receive any amount of traffic. If you have a product that is doing well, tracking and optimizing your sales page and sales funnel will definitely help you get more sales from the same amount of traffic. If you are planning to switch traffic to a different source or if you want to know how your JVs are doing, tracking is a must.

The idea of tracking your sales page has been there for a long time, and this is because it remains as one of the most important and useful tools to an internet marketer until today. , tracking is not a viable option due to many reasons such as the limits of technology and the hassle it would take just to track a campaign. However, tracking your results on the internet is rather easy and there should not be any excuses not to track unless you don’t care about your business in the long term.

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Are you struggling to drive traffic to your videos Are they not going viral like you would want them to Well, I have a solution that will help you drive tons of free, viral traffic to your videos.

This service will allow you to add all sorts of viral actions to assist you to get traffic to your videos that viewers must perform to be able to watch them in full:

And check this traffic to your videos out you can choose exactly when you want the action(s) to show! You also have the choice to make those actions optional so viewers can skip them. With ViralVideo, you can viralize a video in under a minute. All you have to do is to paste the video URL, set the action(s) you want viewers to perform… and copy the code to add the video pretty much anywhere.

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