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This absolutely rocks:

It gets especially good right around the 11 minute mark.

It’s by the Stomper Boys (sounds like a Line Dancing group) and you’ll see some super-cool case studies about doubling your website’s conversion:

Plus, you can copy what they’re doing and bump up your own response. It don’t cost nothin’ and it’ll start playing immediately.

It’s almost like “mind-control” stuff. Go here now and see for yourself: Go There Now:

Learning Search Engine Optimization

By Huy Nguyen

I was recently assigned to perform search engine optimization to our company web site. Haven’t done any before, I started out by hunting for search engine optimization (seo) knowledge and resources.

With our company budget, I was lucky enough to get a hand on 3 products to help me learn seo.  I though it would be interesting to review these to help out newbies such as I.

 Here are the 3 products I got to study from:

1. Go Here VTC – Search Engine Optimization 2006 with James Gonzalez

2. Go Here Now: Search Engine Optimization An Hour a Day with Jennifer Grappone, Gradiva Couzin

3. Better Check This Out:  Stomping the search engine with Brad Fallon and Andy Jenkins

Now, the VTC videos are great. James Gonzalez discusses each seo subject for 4 to 5 minutes. It doesn’t take a genius to understand seo so 4 minutes it’s all it really takes for you to understand each discussed topic.
I enjoyed going through the videos since I was able to get a good view of the whole seo pictures in just a day or two. However with the VTC videos, I didn’t know where to start or when I was ready for the next step. I just didn’t know where my checkpoints were.

Search Engine Optimization An Hour a Day is an excellent book. This book gives you step-by-step instructions and it provides you with worksheets to bookmark your progress. It’s important to be able to know exactly where you stand in seo so that when you don’t get the results you expected you will at least have a clue where to start.

Finally, Stomping the search engine (audio) what can I say about it … besides that the 2 authors are well known authorities. There are a lot of myths about the Internet and especially when it comes to search engine optimization. Brad Fallon and Andy Jenkins take great care to demystify many search engine myths. These two have successful online e-commerces to back it all up.

I was lucky to be able to get a hand on all three, however, if you can only afford one book than I recommend you Search Engine Optimization An Hour a Day. For the rest, you can always visit Brad Fallon’s blog to get news on the latest seo trends.

Good luck with your seo learning!

Huy The SEO newbie

Author of []Learning SEO blog.

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