Paid and Free Traffic Generation

for a website is a common issue. There are plenty ways to get new visitors daily to see your website. Many believe that PPC is the best, because of its speed to get traffic, while others think that PPC is only wasting for money. No matter what the method you are using for drive traffic, as long as it is legal, it is fine. Legal means that you attract traffic ethically. What I mean is you may not spam others to force them to your website.

Traffic is a lifetime need for your website. Without it, your website is no longer useful. If you want your website last longer and longer, in providing services or products, that’s long you need traffic to it.

Therefore, you need long term traffic generation strategies of your own for your website. That’s why some of internet marketers prefer to generate traffic using free methods. It simply last longer than PPC.

Here’s the simple picture of it.

When you use PPC to drive traffic, it fulfill your need of speed for traffic. Once you sign up for PPC account, set keywords, then you can immediately start your campaign to advertise. But, the weakness of this method is whenever you want traffic, you have to pay. If you stop your campaign, then your traffic stop too.

On the other side, using free methods, such as article or social bookmarking, can last longer than PPC. Once you submit your article or bookmarks on the net, it remains there forever as long as the site is still there. So you get long term traffic for free. But the weakness of this method is its speed. It cannot generate immediate traffic like PPC does. No wonder persons who use free method often become lazy, before finally give up.

So, which one is the best? it’s up to you to decide.

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