Traffic Generation Action Planning

When it comes to maxing out your bottom line and making the most money possible as an affiliate marketer, it’s all about generating massive amounts of to your website, squeeze pages and landing pages.

Rather than give you an overview as to why each of the following resources are effective in spreading your message throughout your markets and attracting hungry crowds of buyers, I am going to give you a step by step action plan that you can follow to set up a solid traffic funnel for every single product you promote.

Step One: Social

Social marketing and networking encompasses everything from Twitter to Squidoo. With these communities, you are able to establish a following, reach deep into your niche markets and capture the attention of potential customers and prospects quickly and at absolutely no cost.

In fact, with social marketing, the only requirement is dedicating the time to setting up your profiles and in actively engaging your target audience.

Step 1: Sign Up For Twitter

Also, you can register for a free account at

Step 2: Sign Up For Squidoo & HubPages

Squidoo allows users to create one page lenses that feature content, and plugin modules such as Amazon and Clickbank affiliate products. You can even add your opt-in box to your Squidoo lens.

Hubpages works in a similar manner but instead, you are able to answer questions from community users and add in complete articles based on specific topics in your niche. Both of these websites are extremely effective at generating consistent traffic, while helping you also rank within the search engines for your primary keywords.

Other social communities worth joining are: Weebly, Zimbio, WetPain, 43things

To help in further building your online brand, consider joining to create your own social groups as well as keep on top of industry trends, new launches and hot topics.

Step 3: Create WordPress and Blogger Accounts

Once you have a Squidoo account, Hubpages account and have registered for a Blogger and WordPress hosted account, make sure to link back to your main website on each of these websites.

What you want to do is create a connecting network between every social community and profile that you create directing visitors to your main squeeze page.

Step 4: Participate on Relevant Forums

Forum marketing is another free and effective method of generating consistent traffic to your website by featuring your website URL within your forums signature box.

Step 4: Article Marketing
Article marketing is a low cost method of building exposure to your websites and products quickly.

With article directories like, you can submit fresh content on a weekly basis that showcases your squeeze page’s URL within your author resource box.

You should set up an article marketing campaign so that you are submitting fresh content every 3-4 days (2-3 articles consisting of 200-300 words is sufficient).

Article marketing sites include: GoArticles, ArticlesBase, IdeaMarketers, ArticleAlley

Just make sure that you incorporate your primary keywords into both the title of your articles and the content itself, so that you are able to rank for the keywords that you are targeting.

The more that you arouse curiosity, provoke their interest and directly address their questions or concerns, the easier it will be for your author’s resource box to do its part in driving targeted traffic from the major article directory sites to your own squeeze page.

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