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explosion is one way of putting it. Traffic generation implosion is more likely the way it is! And why is this, why do people not make the most of the brilliant and amazing and FREE traffic strategies that are available on the web today? The answer is really simple…. Drum roll please ….. duuuummuduuummmdduuummm, because they focus on too many traffic generation strategies at once.
I mean it’s as simple as that, no complicated stuff here, just cold hard facts about traffic generation. A great example I heard one guy mention was this (I can’t remember who it was… eeek)

“You open up a restaurant and one day you have leaflets handed out and then next day you have flyers out, you know banners over the road, the next week you canvas a little and then you run a newspaper ad.”

And what happens? Absolutely squat. If you really want that amazing traffic generation explosion to your website you have to be consistent in what you do.

You see, there are a 101 ways to generate traffic online, but the ones I would focus on are what everyone says are the key ones (at first). Google AdWords. But you can’t just jump into Google AdWords, you need to learn it. You need to study it, because if you don’t it can cost you an absolute fortune, but if you do learn it, you can really make a great go of it. For about 30 dollars a day I get about 100 people sign up on one of my WebPages, and that is because I really know how to use Google Adwords.

So that is one way to get that traffic explosion that your site much needs, the next is a service called Traffic Geyser which blasts any videos that you have made out to thousands of sites. But Traffic geyser is a great way to create online traffic. If you haven’t gotten one, maybe you should try to look out for a small camera called a FLIP CAMERA, or even the Kodak one which has got a bigger screen, about a 100 / 120.

So video is an excellent way to drive traffic it, audio as well.

And the other ways are the old and trusted ways, the tested boring methods which are article writing, writing content for the internet to be found by the search engines. But if you just focus on Google Ad Words and video generation right now you are on to a winner.

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