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Making the Move to Digital Viewpoint was careful to ensure that it didn’t lose any quality in effecting the transition. “We tested very extensively with a variety of digital capture devices,” explains Fortune. “We found that with the really high-end devices like PhaseOne digital cameras, the perspective correction was finally developed to a point that we could hold focus in a room scene the way we’d been able to do with film all along.”

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RSSYou probably have seen this three-letter acronym in the course of your internet surfing. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary; syndicating means republishing an article that comes from another source such as a website. A RSS feed is a means of publicizing updates about websites. It may or may not include a summary and photos of the latest posting. But those that provide summaries (thus Rich Site Summary) allow users to skim through the article so that they can decide later on if they want to access the website source.
The RSS feed usually contains the title of the update originating from the website. It is also usually the link to the website source.

Video Marketing Boosters That Works

Welcome to the new era. An era on the internet where Videos are king and text is secondary. Well if you look at some of the hard facts, you will notice that the influence of online video is getting bigger and bigger each day. So much so, it is actually a threat to the TV. That’s right. People used to say that the television killed the radio. And in a few more years, we might just see the same thing happen to the TV and internet video revolution.

Another hard fact that is proving that all of these are happening right now is the price to run a commercial on TV. It’s decreasing and this is because the TV viewership has also decreased. In fact, lately if you click on some of the YouTube videos, you will notice that commercials are getting more and more rampant on the YouTube videos. What this means is that the big companies realize this and they are slowly moving towards the future as well and that is the online videos. It is without a doubt then that as an online entrepreneur we need to take this online video revolution seriously. The good news is, it’s not that hard and here’s how.

Make your videos interesting.

So you wish to create a good video that can help you get results right? Well then you better make sure that your videos are interesting. Nothing can teach us about a successful video campaign that what has already happened in the past. If you take a look at some of those successful videos on YouTube, then you will realize that their videos are successful because they are very interesting and they all have a strong appeal to the public who views the videos.

This is why you have to be absolutely sure that your video is interesting. Another thing that we see from past videos is that if your videos are annoying and is boring, you will get a lot of bad comments and negative response from it. Hence just to be safe, make sure that before you publish your video, show it around to a few people first and ask for their opinion. This way you will be able to make sure that all your videos will be a hit before they are actually released.

How long do you want your viewers to stay?

The next thing that you can take control of in your videos is to actually plan out how long your videos should be. Too long, and you risk the chance of people clicking the close button or getting distracted. If your videos are too short you will have a hard time to convey your message to the public. A lengthy video can pose another problem as well and that would be the file size. When the file size is too big it might take a long time to load the video and this could kill your video’s viewership. Therefore, this is exactly why you will have to try your best to create videos with a good length.

Take a look at some of the most popular videos online and find out what is the average time for those successful videos. If you can find successful videos within your same niche that would be even better. Mimic their video length and try to plan it out on your script first before creating your video. A video that is well planned is a video that will outperform a randomly made video most of the time especially if your content is just as interesting.

Do try to create random videos with no script or whatsoever because this will only cause people to think that your videos are unprofessional and is a waste of their time. The more effort you put into your video, the more people will like it. What happens next is that people will often share your video link around to get you some very good viral which is good for your business.

Publish your videos on multiple platforms.

Publish your videos on YouTube… and then move on and publish it on other platforms like Metacafe, Vimeo or other popular video sites. The more platforms you get your videos on, the more traffic you will get. Of course, it is smart not to upload your videos to all the platforms immediately because you might never know what will happen. Upload to only one platform first and monitor the response that you get. If you are getting a good response to your video that you have just uploaded and that would be the green light that you will need to upload your video to other video sites as well. Just remember to track and monitor all your videos in all the video sites. This way you will know what is going on and try your best to manage all the videos professionally.

Ask for a share or subscription to your video channels.

Ask and ye’ shall receive. That’s what you should do in your videos if you want people to share or subscribe to your video channel. Ask for it. You will definitely see a huge increment in the amount of shares and subscribes that you get when you act to ask nicely.

Make sure your video title and description is amazing.

With a good video, you are only half way there. You will need a tremendously good video title that attracts attention and a great video description to get your traffic to click on your link back to your website. Only then will your video campaign be considered successful. Make sure that your video title is exciting and compelling. It should never be misleading because that is just asking for trouble and it can hurt your reputation. Every chance you get, you want to be building trust and reputation for your videos so that you can get a good flow of traffic that already loves what you are doing. Hence, make doubly sure that you are doing the right thing for your video title and descriptions and you will see your video campaigns shine.

Clearly, RSS is an innovation in worldwide web information management as well as online marketing. We can expect better RSS technology in the not-so-distant future as its popularity increases among users and website owners alike.


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