Are These Sexy Facebook Photos “Obscene”?

Are These Sexy Facebook Photos "Obscene"?Get this every once in a while we hear about Facebook banning certain pictures because they’re considered obscene and often times they’re not obscene at all we have another example of that there’s a 40-year-old actress by the name of the man to shoot over she’s in Philly and she wanted to celebrate her 40th birthday by taking these boudoir pictures and they’re very artistic and beautifully done she want to celebrate her body in basically share with everyone that she’s proud of the fact that she’s 40 and she looks the way that she does well she got a lot of positive feedback and commentary about the pictures but one person seemed offended by them so Facebook did band the pictures because they considered it obscene now I Andy make your point what do you think I

I like I don’t think they were flagged because she was a four-year old one with tats I think they were flying because you can see her entire ass cheeks you know and I think that bike you know Facebook has a role the other guidelines it’s not a public in place really other than you know they have the right to do what they want to do and what they will restrict based on their guidelines and I mean at the nude pics that I was put up to fly so I don’t know why she should get special treatment in a agrarian a myself Jen so I don’t think she was like because she was forty in Facebook found that to be a problem I think she was probably flag issue at them haters I’m sure there were some reading about it either an appropriate for somebody for years I’ll be posting those pictures or another 40 year old but why don’t look back good so why does she get to post pictures like that or someone just being an asshole I mean look there’s no way that many women whether it’s spring break or a typical Tuesday night on Facebook

I wonder entities like Instagram they’re posting way more provocative way more salacious pictures and not so this was clearly a case them she’s well-known in Philly she’s promoting her photos someone either doesn’t like or decided to be a jerk and Potter and that absolutely I think that people need to educate themselves on the definition obscene because those pictures certainly do not fall under that category I think that their artistic they were beautifully done and when it comes to artistic expression I think that there should be some exceptions for what is allowed on Facebook but unfortunately the kinda have like a blanket policy about any type of nudity and I think that that kind of makes it seem as though we’re all in the church children that can handle New Delhi nudity under any circumstance so here’s the big question for this story Jen what’s the most embarrassing picture you’ve ever been in okay about three years ago I took a picture on Twitter

I took a photo but I meant to send my boyfriend and then there was a photo that I tweeted site with a picture of my boobs jumped in the shower gotta shower didn’t think anything of it had no idea I posted at my phone starts ringing like crazy and we all know nobody called anybody these days I get my phone’s ringing someone’s day however it was much worse than someone being dead ribald on the internet I a money anything I would think they do it on purpose within you know I had guys free to message me and be like all night you know stitch porn on the internet you have is when people see them and it’s like there was no benefit for it I wouldn’t it’s not like the main reason to do it to cut takes away your power went out there but yeah my boobs are on the internet so people Google me they see them in and affect my life

But they’re out there so when Mike and that’s insane did you cut your face I was adjustable basically like and you could tell me I was never post a picture my boobs out have like hair and makeup done I do I president of Experience credit like my ghetto bathroom is behind me I had no makeup I’m leaning in this weird where it took a picture entitled to send it to my boyfriend before hop in the shower though it’s like the most I don’t particularly like the picture me a overdo look you know just not diner nice inside want you both can be naked on the internet I mean it’s no big deal to make it on the internet anymore but now he’s gonna do it I’m just do it yet but it’s certainly not you know had some a them it is a story there some people go in the professional world you know I’m gonna go we saw your pictures not sure how to take into my pup to take it or leave it yeah over it a big deal and you know once you reach a threshold I think like it Lisa some level all three of us would say probably middle his butt with your out there in the public domain you know quite frequently that let you kinda reach a point where it’s like it it doesn’t really bother you as much anymore

I personally don’t having nude photos and I’m guaranteeing you people respond differently to my numerous the field into yours I’m air by pink you know like to thank I have my staff might migrate producers like to take photos at me like doing really stupid things a lot like freeze frames anyway like I have my you know one eye open and we call them their paces as as you were and we actually tweet them out and people like them a lot you know it’s good it’s good at good Cyber Link you know toughens you up so definitely a thing ending the best way to handle embarrassing pictures is to put them out there before people can I find them and attack you for them right so I make a big deal outta yeah I don’t need to be done and be able to laugh at yourself having a sense of humor is important II took a series of terrible pictures when I was a teenager up because I went through a cola phase for those are you don’t know that all I grew up in the San Fernando Valley %uh the population there’s predominantly Mexican and there are a lot aah I mean the did like gangster guys that I hung out with growing up which is ridiculous to say but it’s true arm so I have some pictures I mean actually share with you guys right now so that’s me I can’t freaking believe that that’s me to

I love looking into the camera that way go to the doctor I thought that was sexy I’m like 40 not because our concert and I i remembers I’m Armenian I remember thinking god I wish I could have a keen same yeah even though I didn’t know if a man does other I got what I wanted because it out while I know oh my god same now do you think this is offensive though like to to Hispanic people no well what you gonna spank faced or like yeah like that that’s kinda screwed up no id if I’m chill it out now allowed only on AMC right up there where the brown lip liner and I had my hair like I think it was just a phase were like that was a cool with that it cannot a hot girls like I have poor Rica girls I grow up I want to look like them a lot test I’ll try just about every complex yeah admit they got like that I don’t know they had money I wanted to beat them and that was the the result of what I did so it’s not it’s not it’s not lame pruning that it’s okay because you’re you’re I rather in the process admiring them I made a fool outta myself so those pictures are out there you have to make fun of them but you sure you’re own stories have you taken any embarrassing pictures and also what do you think about Facebook banning so-called obscene photography share your opinions in the comment section below will see you guys soon

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