Converting Your Facebook Traffic Into Sales

converting your Facebook traffic into salesConverting Your Traffic Into Sales

Sometimes, a lot of internet marketers out there place too much emphasis on and traffic generation alone. Yes converting your Facebook traffic into sales, and yes All traffic is important, but having all the traffic in the world wouldn’t amount to much if you can’t get any of it to convert into buying customers.

Traffic is merely the piece of the profit pie so converting your Facebook traffic into sales. Converting that influx of potential prospects pouring into your website is what can really make you money in the end.

Take The Risk Out Of The Picture

The people who arrive at your site are going to be comprised of both regular visitors and first-timers. For the first-timers, they are still in the process of learning about you and your business and this is the most crucial time for you to come off as a trustworthy person who is running a genuine business.

When people don’t know you, they can’t trust you. As potential buying customers, they still might think twice of buying anything that you might have to offer even though the offer is something that they want very much or need. In short, if there is still no trust, there will be no sale.

So what can you do to help push their decision to buy? and of course converting your Facebook traffic into sales Do this by removing the risks that they have to endure.

People are naturally going to be reluctant to part with their money for something that has a chance to be defective, spoiled, broken, not-up-to-expectation or stands, unsatisfactory… well… you get my meaning.

Offer to bear the burden of all the risks yourself. Provide them a solid guarantee and also the promise of a no-questions-asked full refund should there be anything about the purchased product that the customer is unhappy with.

By offering such promises, it shows that you have such faith and confidence in your product, which indirectly instills confidence in your customers regarding your product as well.

Customer Testimonials

How many times was it that your decision to buy anything was actually influenced by someone’s opinion?

Be it by a loved one or a friend I’m sure that you tried on certain clothes because they told you that you looked good in it. Or you tried out the new restaurant down the street because you heard that the food was great.

This is why online testimonials are such powerful motivation to buy.

When you get to read different people expressing their views, findings and opinions, and how they feel about the product, your decision can lean greatly towards wanting to own the said product yourself.

Plus, genuine testimonials tend to highlight features of a product which are not apparent at first. A good example would be the emotional benefits and how it has helped the people who actually used the product or service.

Customers who are happy with their purchase are usually more willing to share their experience and provide a review. Encourage them to do so and put up what you think are testimonials which are best at describing the product or service that you are selling.
Offer Free Bonuses

Who doesn’t love a “Best Bang For Your Buck” kind of offers?

You can make your offer really stand out from the rest of the competition by making it a deal that you just can’t get anywhere else.

Time-sensitive offers are also a great way to motivate potential customers to buy. When you say your offer only comes with the free bonus this week, people will surely find it hard to resist as they don’t want to miss out on such a great offer.

Everyone loves getting free stuff, any time, all the time. And when you show them that you are certainly over-delivering here, your customers are going to love you even more for it.

Remember, over-delivering is ALWAYS better than over-promising. Never over-promise and under-deliver as this can be damaging for your business.

Conduct Split Testing

Many internet marketers are content with their profit numbers. When they start seeing a trickle of income, they think that the job is all done and they can start to kick their feet up and relax.

This is what separates real internet marketers from the big boys. Serious internet marketers will never be so easily content with such numbers as they will tirelessly tinker with new ways to maximize their profits my making their marketing more effective.

Take for instance, sales letters headlines, by properly tweaking, testing, comparing and coming up with new ones you will never know which headlines works better for your target audience unless you really try and test it out.

This is where split testing comes into play. It can seem like a never-ending cycle of testing but for every successful formula that you discover, you stand to reap the rewards of higher sales percentages.

A tweak to converting your Facebook traffic into sales here or a tweak there might not seem much but collectively, all the improvements made can easily translate into the doubling or tripling of your conversions and thus profits.

Every internet marketer constantly strives to increase their sales and profits. But ultimately, if your mindset shifts towards serving the overall betterment of your target audience, not only will you enjoy the same (or more) amount of profits, you get to feel good about yourself while you’re at it as well.

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