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Most of the highest trafficked websites on the internet get most of their traffic from search engines. Search engine traffic is perhaps the most sought after type of traffic on the internet, simply because there’s such a high volume for nearly zero investment. The key to getting a good is good on page and off page optimization. Here we’ll have an in depth discussion of both.

On Page Optimization

On page optimization is important because it tells the search engines what your web page is about. The goal of any search engine is to give their user as much relevant content as they possibly can. Therefore, it’s very important that your page tells the search engines very clearly what your website is about.

The first and most important thing to optimize is your title tag. You absolutely must have your keyword in your title tag. In fact, if you don’t have your keyword in your title tag, the chances of you ranking go down drastically.

You can also include your keyword a second time in a different form in your title tag. However, be sure not to “keyword spam” your title. Two keywords is the max.

Bad Title Example: “Ben’s Store in Redwood Shores Selling Everything Wood”

Good Title Example: “Wood Furniture Redwood Shores | Live in Redwood Shores? Woodworking needs handled here.”

Here the keywords are “Wood Furniture Redwood Shores” and Woodworking.

There are many other factors that all contribute to your on page optimization. However, there’s not one single one that pulls an enormous amount of weight, except for the title tag.

You should have your keyword one in an H1 tag or a bold tag. You should also have a keyword density of 3% to 8% (meaning out of every 100 words, your keyword appears 3 to 8 times.) However, these aren’t crucial factors anymore, simply because keyword density and H1 tags became so abused the search engines started to discount them.

Off Page Optimization

This is where the rubber really meets the road. In order to get good search engine rankings, you have to have a good off page optimization.

In the internet world, new websites start up every day. Search engines needed a way to be able to tell what websites were real, informative and useful. They decided that if other websites link to this site, it must be an authoritative site.

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